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Request for a one time or yearly greenhouse advisory services; which includes-
General information on greenhouses, competitive analysis and outcomes of various greenhouse types, cultural practices, setup and operational costs of greenhouses, the economics of what and when to grow, options on various inputs, training opportunities, skilled labor or workforce, markets and marketing trends, and finally updates and new trends in greenhouses

Key Benefits of Advisory Services

  • Certified Protocols, Manuals and Videos on basic greenhouse practices, agronomy, and operations such as Pest and Disease Management and Greenhouse Management Solutions
  • Online Agronomic support from a qualified Agronomist, with an additional service of site visit based on issue generated. Again scheduled conferencing interactions with Agronomists and other Greenhouse Users based on common issues raised
  • Automating existing mechanical setups in greenhouse. Providing software solutions in greenhouses to reduce human dependence and negligence. Here existing setups for Irrigation, humidity and temperature controls can be automated via remote controlled devices.


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