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About Us

A service-oriented company that builds suite of softwares and hardwares to impact the Agricultural and Agribusiness Industry.

Our focus is to revolutionize the way key stakeholders in the Agricultural industry organize themselves, apply information and form collaborative business processes through the power of technology.

We maximize the efficiency of agricultural processes.


Our Vision

To be the go-to hub for greenhouse farming support services.


Our Mission

To maximize the efficiency of greenhouse farming using technological innovations

  • To continue to provide from research and development solutions that meet farm and Agribusiness in Ghana; which can then be replicated throughout Africa. That is tailor designing solutions for greenhouses, open field farming, Agro-processing, Agro-support Services and Agro-training Institutions.


  • To seek collaboration with key industry players to expand our product range and geographical coverage to provide more options for our clients.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are Integrity and Care.

This is primarily hinged on principles of Excellence, Professionalism, Innovation, Teamwork, Empathy as well as Customer and Provider Satisfaction.

Our deep thoughtfulness of our clients prompts us in all our routines and operations to have our customers and Users in mind. As such we consider our Workers and Partners as key stakeholders in fulfilling customer needs. No one is left out in our overall business execution. We care from within and radiate it out to our clients.

Our Fulfillment is to see smiles on the faces of our clients by providing them with Quality, Timely and user friendly Innovative solutions through the power of technology.


Meet Our Team

A team of Engineers, Agronomist, agro-trainers, Logistics and Supply Chain experts who synergize to deliver smart technological solutions in Greenhouse farming.



BSc Mechanical Engineering, Paul has ben providing innovative tech solutions foe greenhouse farmers since 2014.



She has a background in Data Analysis and Information Technology. Gifty uses her expertise to drive the company’s overall communication strategy to strengthen ties with clients, partners and other value chain stakeholders.



His interest lies in seeing the possibilities beyond what is already present and known, by using his insight, ingenuity and intellect. He develops and improves measurement and control systems to ensure highly effective performance in the areas of cost, productivity and quality.



He understands what it means to survive and excel as a business and as a Corporate Professional, how to project the value in any product or service, re-create value for existing products and a keen advocate for partnerships as a means of leveraging resources for mutual goals.
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